Grade 10 Mosaic Bench Project

Here are some pictures of the Fall 2015 Grade 10 Visual Arts class at South Huron District High School working on a Concrete Mosaic Bench Project with Dashwood artist Ruth Anne Merner.

How the Benches were made:

  • intro to mosaics and the concrete bench project with Ruth Anne
  • students create designs within a template of what they would like benches to look like; design is a simple line drawing like in a colouring book
  • cut and sort coloured stained glass
  • lay template on a flat surface and lay small cut glass pieces into the design leaving a small gap between each piece of glass (that is where the concrete will go)
  • Once all the glass is in place, cover the mosaic with clear mactac, pressing down so all pieces stick to the mactac.
  • carefully flip the mactac over into an oiled or greased mold. (We used Vaseline)
  • mix a quantity of sandy concrete thoroughly. Get rid of any lumps.  The concrete should be thick like stew
  • pour concrete into mold and spread gently (mold should be almost half full or a bit less)
  • tap or bang the mold gently by lifting one end at a time and dropping it:  this forces any air bubbles to the surface
  • lay a section of wire mesh on the poured concrete.
  • mix and pour a second layer of concrete, this time with more aggregate (a stone concrete)
  • again, bang or tap out the air bubbles; sign your name in it the next day
  • let set for 3-4 days, then carefully flip the bench out of the mold – caution:  it will be heavy!
  • clean off any covered areas off to expose the glass, fill any little holes with a bit of the sand mix concrete
  • let benches cure/dry for a few months
  • set on concrete legs or metal stands and enjoy!

4 benches were created by the students.  Once cured and support structures fabricated, the benches will be installed permanently in the Exeter area – possibly on the McNaughton Trail- though that location is to be determined.

Click Here to view a movie of the making of the Benches.

This project is supported by Art aRound Town and Communities in Bloom, Exeter.