June 2013 Exhibition at the Welcome Center Gallery

Please join us and the Artists Featured in the June Exhibition for the Opening Reception at the Welcome Centre on Thursday, June 13 from 6:00-8:00 pm.  Refreshments by Mike Hansen and violin music by Roberta Walker will also be available for you to enjoy!

June’s Featured Artists are:         June 2013 Opening Night

  • Bonnie Sitter
  • Karen Brown
  • Telfer Wegg
  • David Bishop
  • Vreni Beeler
  • Maggie Hesketh
  • Anne Thornton

More Artist Informaton & Photos Below

Anne Thornton Bio:  Anne Thornton has studied and created in many media, though her current focus is on fused and stained glass: panels, jewellery, and 3D pieces. She began studying the craft in England in 2002, and set up her studio in Grand Bend, Ontario, in 2005.

Cohesion of line, space, and colour is a priority for Anne when she is constructing a work of glass. Although the colours she chooses vary from subtle to vibrant, her style leans towards the simple and contemporary. She enjoys playing with the constraints of the medium’s material qualities, techniques, and stylistic conventions, and uses the interplay of light with coloured glass to create a visually dynamic result.

For examples of her work see images below or, visit www.annethornton.ca.

Selected Works by Anne Thornton

Anne Thornton - Earrings     Anne Thornton - Necklace           

Anne Thornton - Forest for the Trees       Anne Thornton - Fused Glass Plate                                                 Anne Thornton - Carpe Diem 

Selected Works by David Bishop

David Bishop 1     David Bishop 2

Selected Works by Telfer Wegg

Telfer Wegg 2     Telfer Wegg 1